Did You Get Your Hug Today?

As we emerge from our quarantine caves, one thing is certain: we suffer from Hug Deprivation. Yep, I’ve just created a new diagnosis. More important, the cure is cheap and totally awesome. Of course as a romance writer, I’m all over the cure. Plus, scientific research has validated hugging provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces stress.
  • Boosts immune response.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Boosts happiness.
  • Reduces fear.
  • Improves pain tolerance.
  • Improves communication.

More important, the cure doesn’t come with a string of side-effects guaranteed to give you nightmares, and it won’t throw you into abject poverty. Multiple sources reference a quote from renowned family psychotherapist Virginia Satir regarding the dose per need. Check below to see how many hugs you need:

Caveat: Hugging pets count.

             Daily Hug Dose:

          • To survive, hug 4xday
          • To maintain health, hug 8xday
          • To grow, hug 12xday

             Hug Time

          • 10 seconds to fight infections, ease depression, and increase energy.
          • 20 seconds to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

             Go for the gold!

          • Hug for twenty seconds, 8xday

Next time they start one of these studies I’m signing up.

You’re Welcome!