Sam’s Pet Entries

Name: Wrinkles
Animal: Naked Molerat
Pet Name: Wrinkles
Pet Specifics:

Name: Nicole
Pet Name: Smokey
Pet Specifics:
1. Ferrets
2. Smoky is the smaller, white, female ferret.
Sweet and cuddly

Name: Nicole
Pet Name: Bandit
Pet Specifics:
1. Ferrets
2. Bandit is the larger, darker ferret.
a. More active, playful

Name: Jodi
Pet Name: Sally Ashes
Pet Specifics:
1. Breed: Nebelung
2. very loving and likes to snuggle.
3. Can be very demanding and vocal at times
4. 17 y/o

Name: Patty Mele
Animal: Toy Poodle
Pet Name: Oxxyie
Character Name: Onyx
Special Characteristics: Able to see thru walls
Name: Bonnie Dyas
Animal: Mini Aussie
Pet Name: Nacona
Character Name:Me??? Santa🎅
Special Characteristics: Nacona loves costumes of all types, bring them on, she will love wearing them.

Name: Danielle
Animal: Cat
Pet Name: Midnight RIP
Name: Carrie
Animal: Dog
Pet Name: Mia
Special Characteristics: Loves to hide in the blankets
Name: Nancy
Animal: Cat
Pet Name: Jasper, looking up
Name: Nancy
Animal: Cat
Pet Name: Eli, sleeping
Name: Shannon
Animal: Cat
Pet Name: Tiggy
Character Name: Tiggy
Special Characteristics: Tiggy loves to run around and go through his cat tunnels. He loves playing with wand toys and taking cat naps on his cat tree.
Name: Jill
Animal: Hedgehog
Pet Name: Hedgie
Special Characteristics: Prickly, shy, curious
Name: Karen
Animal: Guinea pig, male
Pet Name: Pinky
Character Name: Pinky
Special Characteristics: Loves the girls
Name: Eileen
Animal: Dog
Pet Name: Teddy
Character Name: He's a Morkie - 3/4 yorkie and 1/4 maltese
Special Characteristics: He loves to snuggle, play hide and seek, and protect our house by barking at anything or anyone passing by.

Name: Kristen
Animal: Ferret
Pet Name: Dink
Character Name: Jolene
Special Characteristics: Badass chick with a soft green mohawk she always keeps in a ponytail and shaved on the sides. Tattooed, pierced, rides a motorcycle, is a coder and engineers her own weapons
Name: Shannon
Animal: English golden retriever
Pet Name: Bailey
Character Name: Bailey
Special Characteristics: Bailey loves hanging out with people. She loves going on walks with other dogs. Her favorite toy is a stuffed monkey. She gets excited when she sees squirrels.
Name: Peggy
Animal: Yorkie poo
Pet Name: Oliver (Ollie for short)
Character Name: Dan
Special Characteristics: Pet loving person
Name: Tracy
Animal: Dog
Pet Name: Bruce "The Boss" Springweiler - you can call him Boss
Character Name: Captain John Bryson
Special Characteristics: He's a mix of Rottweiler and Springer Spaniel and some other big dog breed.
Boss was abandoned in the NC mountains and adopted Green Beret, "Big John" Bryson three years ago. John's now ex-girlfriend dumped Boss at the local animal shelter while John was deployed, but John successfully tracked Boss down. Now Boss is playing match-maker for Big John with Elizabeth Carroll, the trauma counselor who rescued him from the shelter.