Welcome Readers,

I’m delighted you stopped for a visit. Grab your favorite beverage and pull up a seat. I write sensual, contemporary romance featuring kick-butt heroines thrust into untenable situations. I enjoy showing readers how smart and innovative woman can be. Of course, it takes a confident man to put up with my heroine. Together, they add a little chili powder to the book soup.  Ah, and we end at food again. It must be snack time somewhere. 😊

The Perfect Place to Call Home.

Be the first to visit fictitious Sunberry, North Carolina, the setting for my Clocktower series.  Settle back, put your feet up and prepare to enjoy a basketful of southern hospitality. With a population of twenty thousand diverse residents, Sunberry is the small city Americans dream of calling home. This slice of southern comfort offers a four-year college, an historic opera house, complete with second-level entertainment, and a full-service hospital. No need to feel like a stranger. Sunberry residents mingle with new inhabitants, especially service members returning to civilian life.

If you’re a veteran from nearby Camp Lejeune, a local rancher breeding organic cattle along the river, or a dog trainer developing new puppies to assist the disabled, you’re bound to find a happily ever after in Sunberry. After all, doesn’t everyone crave a home?

Clocktower Romance Heat Levels

2 Flames

The equivalent of a PG13 rated movie. Kissing, touching, and intimate scenes are shared with a focus on feelings and emotions instead of body parts. Sexual tension and love scenes may be included in the story. However, most descriptions of physical intimacy occur behind closed doors with no explicit sex scenes.