The Murphy Saga Continues

Although my Clocktower Romance series is based on friends and families in Sunberry, NC, four of the stories follow the Murphy Family. Have you followed the Murphy brothers?

          1. Home to Stay- Introduced the Murphy family with the four Murphy siblings
          2. Murphy’s Secret: Whit Murphy, son #2
          3. Murphy’s Cinderella: Kyle Murphy, son #1
          4. Murphy’s Choice: Nate Murphy, son #3

Did you notice the stories don’t follow the brothers’ birth order? Yeah, I’m a little dyslexic. Plus, I like to shake it up. However, the real reason is I wrote Murphy’s Secret first. Home to Stay was written later as the series opener to the three brothers–except fate loves to mess with human plans. Murphy’s Secret won many awards. Home to Stay’s awards blew me away, including a national contest. I also fell in love with the perfect town of Sunberry and wanted to write different stories about Murphy friends.

Now you have another part of the story!