Reunion Navigation Tips

Have you attended a high school reunion? How did it go? For those who have missed the experience, here’s a few navigation tips from yours truly. Go forward with extreme caution.

  • Find a friend who discreetly identifies old classmates because time changes us–a lot.
  • Smile and pretend you know the person and the obscure memory shared even when you’re drawing a blank.
  • If you’re confronted by an unidentified classmate, grab the badge, and read the name. Warning the fonts are too small unless you wear your readers!
  • Be a party pooper and stay home.

Since I attended two years of public high school and 2 years of private school, my repeat reunion happens next month. I’m armed and ready for reunion #2! NOT. So your mission, if you choose to accept this assignment, is to report one funny mishap at your reunion. Who knows? It could end up in my next book.

All funny business aside, I spoke to the person who trained my pony and my horse! I also met two cousins for the first time! How’s that for a reunion story?