Quick Start

Since we recently survived Pandemic Year One, health tops the priority list. So, how do we improve our health? One way is my Quick Start Plan. Hold it, don’t stop reading. The plan doesn’t require special foods, gimmicks, calorie counting, or excluded foods. However, if you’re brave enough to try it with a buddy, or better yet, teams of friends, it’s more fun. Come on, click the files. It’s a gift, an opportunity. I want you to be around for a long time. I promise, it’s a simple tick sheet and the scoring guidelines. The awesome thing is Quick Start includes your favorite beverage and dessert. Okay, now I have your attention. Yep, this little sucker includes wine, bubbly, or harder stuff and cookies. YUM!!!! So click the stinking files. It can’t hurt to review them. You could start by squinting your eyes if necessary. But here’s the cool part. What if it worked for you? What if you changed one small behavior that helped you improve your health?

Quick Start Instructions.pdf

Quick Start Tally Sheet2.pdf

Did you open the files? See. I told you it was a simple plan. When I say Quick Start, think diving board. You know, like at the pool. Anyway, if you follow the plan, (It’s not hard. Becke doesn’t do hard.) it will launch you into the healthy life pool. From there, it’s your decision to swim or dogpaddle to the side. Regardless, you’ll see results. One important reminder: no failures here. If we try, it counts as a success.