Hard Growing Old

On a serious note, mental deterioration, regardless of the source, weakens self-confidence. It can also complicate managing elderly parents. If that’s your current situation, you have my heart-felt sympathy. Although it’s an honor to care for parents, it’s also a difficult task. Love, anger, grief, and resentment can surface during this time, which often leads to guilt.

During my parents’ final years, I was often angry. Not at my declining parents, at life. I didn’t want to witness my strong dad stare vacantly into space. I didn’t want to watch my independent mother lose her home, her license, and her mobility.

And how does it feel to want? That was my dad’s favorite question. Life happens. Advanced age is a blessing, but it often comes with challenges. Canadian Man and I have taken measures to make the aging process smoother for our adult children to manage.