Get Your Bunny Hop On!

If you’re like me, the hip in the hop is starting to wind to a stop. Oops, so sorry. That was bad. Phew, good thing for you I don’t write poetry. Anyway, I love movement. But the older I get, the harder it is to get my body in motion. On my last trip to the mountains, my friend turned me on to Fabulous Fifties (FF), a series of YouTube exercise videos.

I know. I know. Since when is exercise fun? It could be if it helps you live longer and feel better. So try it. You might like it. The cool thing about FF is you can go at your own pace and level–even if your level is closer to the tortoise than the hare. Plus, you can select a five to thirty-minute video to try in the privacy of your living room for FREE. Even Canadian Man joins me every day to work out. So, please check it out. It never hurts to look.