Clocktower Romance Character Map

The Clocktower Romances are stand-alone stories that don’t require the reader to follow in publication order. There are no cliffhangers or secrets revealed. However, the following stories are interrelated in significant ways:

        • The MURPHY’S SECRET hero Whit Murphy is the middle teenaged son of the heroine in HOME TO STAY. Stay tuned for Nate, and Hope Murphy’s romances.
        • The MURPHY’S CINDERELLA hero Kyle Murphy is the oldest teenaged son of the heroine in HOME TO STAY.
        • LOVING TROUBLE is the romance between Dave and Marion, the parents of the romantic couple Lil and Cody in CAROLINA COWBOY. Although Loving Trouble is set around Lil and Cody’s wedding, romance readers expect a happily-ever-after. It’s the how the couple gets together that makes us turn the page.

Do you have a favorite character? The cast created in Clocktower Romances are usually friends and many times lovers. Many have grown up together and will make guest appearances in various stories. Since readers often have inquiring minds, this map outlines who the reader can expect to walk on stage during a specific story.

Map key

Main characters(hero/heroine) are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Characters making a guest appearance are indicated with an at sign (@).

    1. Home to Stay
      1. Heroine: Ava Robey
      2. Hero: Ryan Murphy
      3. Secondary/Support Characters
        1. Kyle, son– @Loving Trouble, @Murphy’s Secret, *Murphy’s Cinderella
        2. Whit, son – *Murphy’s Secret, @Loving Trouble, @Murphy’s Cinderella
        3. Nate, son
        4. Hope, daughter
        5. Talley Frost, friend – *Murphy’s Secret, @Carolina Cowboy, @Loving Trouble, @Murphy’s Cinderella
        6. Stella Murphy-mother – @Murphy’s Secret, @Murphy’s Cinderella
        7. Gracie Butler, friend – @The Puppy Barter
        8. Art Butler, friend
        9. Marvin Schmidt, colleague
        10. Lana Schmidt, colleague’s wife
        11. Derrick Schmidt, colleague’s son
        12. Bryce Frost, colleague – @Murphy’s Secret
        13. Michelle Frost, colleague – @Murphy’s Secret
    1. Carolina Cowboy
      1. Heroine: Lil McGovern
      2. Hero: Cody Barnfield
      3. Secondary/Support Characters
        1. Savannah McGovern, mother (deceased)
        2. David McGovern, father –*Loving Trouble
        3. Jessie Ackerman, friend *The Puppy Barter
        4. Talley Frost, friend – *Murphy’s Secret
        5. Marion Barnfield, mother – *Loving Trouble
        6. Justin Barnfield (deceased father) – @Loving Trouble
    1. Loving Trouble (novella)
      1. Heroine: Marion Barnfield (widow) – @Carolina Cowboy
      2. Hero: David McGovern (widower) – @Carolina Cowboy)
      3. Secondary/Support Characters
        1. Cody Barnfield son – *Carolina Cowboy
        2. Lil McGovern daughter – *Carolina Cowboy
        3. Kyle Murphy, @Home to Stay, @Murphy’s Secret, *Murphy’s Cinderella
        4. Jessie Ackerman *The Puppy Barter
        5. Talley Frost *Murphy’s Secret, @Murphy’s Cinderella
    1. Murphy’s Secret
      1. Heroine: Talley Frost – @Home to Stay, @Carolina Cowboy, @Murphy’s Cinderella
      2. Hero: Whit Murphy – @Home to Stay, @Murphy’s Cinderella
      3. Secondary/Support Characters
        1. Kyle, brother – @Home to Stay, @Loving Trouble, *Murphy’s Cinderella
        2. Nate, brother
        3. Hope, sister
        4. Stella Murphy-mother @Home to Stay, @The Puppy Barter, @Murphy’s Cinderella
        5. Gracie Butler, friend – @Home to Stay, @The Puppy Barter
        6. Art Butler, friend – @Home to Stay
        7. Bryce Frost, father – @Home to Stay
        8. Michelle Frost, mother – @Home to Stay
    1. The Puppy Barter
      1. Heroine: Jessie Ackerman
      2. Hero: Luke Grant
      3. Secondary/Support Characters:
        1. Buddy Grant: nephew/son
        2. Olive Fisher, receptionist
        3. Alicia, CAAS helper
        4. JoAnn Martinez, mother of friend
        5. Sue Martinez, friend
        6. Joey Martinez, friend’s son
        7. Nathan Usher, banker and friend
        8. Ethan Hollister, HVAC repair and friend
        9. Beverly Lovelace, benefactor’s daughter
        10. Rosalyn Lovelace, benefactor
        11. Captain Russel Jamison, service dog recipient
        12. Gracie Butler, friend – @Home to Stay, @Murphy’s Secret
        13. Stella Murphy, mother – @Home to Stay, @Murphy’s Secret, @Murphy’s Cinderella
    1. Murphy’s Cinderella
      1. Heroine: Dana Graham
      2. Hero: Kyle Murphy
      3. Secondary/Support Characters
        1. Samantha (Sam) Graham, daughter
        2. George Graham, father
        3. Paula, BFF and oncology unit manager
        4. Talley Murphy, sister-in-law
        5. Whit Murphy, brother
        6. Catherine Anderson, aunt
        7. Ben Harris, patient
        8. Carly Harris, patient’s granddaughter
        9. Mark Harris, patient’s father
        10. Bandit, Sam’s pet
        11. Lynne, oncology unit admin.
        12. Ava Murphy, mother -*Home to Stay, @Murphy’s Secret, @Murphy’s Cinderella
        13. Nate Murphy, brother – @Home to Stay, @Murphy’s Secret, @Murphy’s Cinderella
        14. Hope Murphy, sister – @Home to Stay, @Murphy’s Secret, @Murphy’s Cinderella

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