2019 Golden Heart Author List

As a member of the author community, I have friends who spend hours creating a great read. In the future I’ll share many of those fantastic author friends with you. However, this is a special list because the authors were finalists in the last year of the 2019 Golden Heart (GH) Contest.

So What’s the Golden Heart?

Since 1981, Romance Writers of America (RWA), comprised of over 9,000 members, has sponsored a national contest for emerging writers known as the Golden Heart. This contest showcased the next great generation of romance writers by recognizing outstanding manuscripts from never-before-published RWA members. It’s a tremendous honor for an emerging author to be selected as a finalist and I was honored to be one of the 2019 GH finalist. Like everything else in our on-fire world of 2020, RWA went through significant changes and no longer conducts the GH.

I consider ending the GH a great loss for emerging authors. However, I wanted to promote the women who have helped me and to provide a service to readers looking for new authors. In that spirit I’ve created the 2019 GH Author List. This is a prolific group, so look for the created book list to increase. Please consider one of these amazing women when selecting your next romance. Although favorite books are subjective to individual reader tastes, rest assured that every book on the list is well-written and crafted. It’s my hope you find a new author who touches your heart and mind. When you do, please write a review and share that author with your reading friends. Here’s the pdf link: 2019 GH Author List.pdf