Titles are Tricky

Finding the right title can be a real pain. I’ve come up with the perfect title only to find there are three other authors who also liked it. Although a Cinderella story often means rags to riches story, my title refers to a ‘Cinderella Night’.

Think, your junior prom or another magical night you’ve experience. A Cinderella Night for me was winning the Maggie Award and being a Golden Heart finalist. For my heroine Dana, it occurs in the opening scene when she wins a kindness award for her service to her oncology patients. It’s not, however, a stellar night for Kyle, until… That should give you a clue into Dana’s character and the spark between them. I hope you love her as much as I do.

So what about you? Does a title catch your eye, the back cover, reviews, or are you a cover lover? I’d love to hear your comments before I title my next work in progress (WIP).