Must Love Dogs

Although I like all animals, I’m a dog kind of gal. In THE PUPPY BARTER, I wrote a scene where the hero takes a service dog into a building supply. Think Lowes or Home Depot. The frazzled hero has to juggle the leash, the treats, and the obstacles with the heroine following behind. This is how Palmetto Animal Assist Life Services (PAALS) trains service dogs. As a volunteer, I walked a service pup through Home Depot. I was a wreck watching the dog, the floor, and where I was going. Plus, the pups seem to glue their noses to the floor. Think nails, screws, and chemicals, oh my! By the time the exercise ended, my dog could’ve sniffed me from fifty paces. It was a lot of fun tormenting my hero with this experience. The heroine, of course, is a rock star trainer. So, when you read that scene, picture me, and be glad you weren’t forced to ride home with me afterwards.