Horsey Characters

I modeled the horse named Slider (CAROLINA COWBOY) after our Appendix Quarter Horse, AC Shine. We purchased him in St. Louis and trained him in English Pleasure and over low fences. AC was great with cows because he was quick and short. The gelding stood 15 hands at the shoulder–if the farrier left him a little long. This was a big help because I could lift a sick calf onto his back and tote it to the barn.

Buddy in LOVING TROUBLE was modeled from Jim’s horse. My son Ethan showed him in Western Pleasure. The story about Buddy bucking Cody in the class was true. Buddy pulled that stunt at the Illinois State Show with a six-year-old Ethan. Buddy stood 16h. (A hand, used to measure horses, is equal to 4 inches and starts at the ground to the horse’s back.) The top of Buddy’s back was even with the top of my head. His size made him fearless with the bulls. Buddy had no problem biting at them if they gave him sass. However, I couldn’t lift an eighty-pound calf onto his back. Dad was right, burdens and benefits.

You can check Buddy and AC out on my Amazon Author Page. AC is pictured with Lori and Buddy with Ethan.