Horse Trainer Story in Progress

May 2023

I’m in the revision weeds with another horse trainer book. You know me. Just love those horses and cowboys. Except the new hero is a cowboy in disguise. You probably know one. On the outside, he’s an everyday Joe. On the insider, he’s wearing boots and a Stetson. 😊

June, 2023

My brain entered the lazy days of summer midway through spring so the first story in my new Missouri Ranchers Series is crawling along in the tortoise lane. But I’m loving my determined heroine Lacy, who is an Arabian horse trainer.

When my favorite Arabian trainer suddenly dropped out of the ring and returned a few years later, the gossip started and fired my imagination for this story. Her absence may have impacted her career, but it didn’t change her riding ability.

Although she motivated me to improve, I wasn’t born with her natural talent.

I set the series in the rolling Missouri hills where our family ranch was located. The series opener features a strong female, her daughter, a man deserving of her love, and lots of gorgeous horses. Unless I sharpen my editing scissors, expect a longer tale with lots of family drama.