Funny Dog Breed

I attended dog grooming school in Dallas, TX just after the dinosaurs went through extinction. At the time, it was a necessity because we had three yorkies that always needed grooming. The school doubled as a grooming shop so students clipped all breeds of dogs for a reduced rate. Although a variety of types trotted through the shop, we never had a Lowchen. In THE PUPPY BARTER, Luke makes a home visit to examine two Lowchens. Why a Lowchen?
When I was researching unusual dog breeds, Lowchens came up. I thought they were interesting and added them to the story. Plus, I could give readers a clear image by describing a small sheep dog with Clydesdale feathers. Most people know what a sheep dog is and the Budweiser Clydesdale hitch is also well-known. The long hair on a horse’s lower leg is referred to as feathers because of the feather-like appearance.