A Colorful Puppy

My canine heroine Skye in THE PUPPY BARTER started out as a yellow lab in version #1. In version #2, I wrote her as a black lab. In my published version she’s a chocolate lab. Why? Of course inquiring minds need to know and it’s not–I’m a woman and I reserve the right to change–response. Her color changed because I fell in love with the little boy model and his chocolate lab puppy used for the cover. One look at that little face and I was hooked. So, Skye got a makeover, which leads to another story. After changing her color, I started second-guessing if chocolate was the correct term for lab color descriptions. When I verified the term chocolate, I found a statement that chocolate labs are for the show ring and not candidates for training! NO WAY. In Skye’s defense, Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services (PAALS), the service dog training organization where I volunteer, has chocolate students. Now, you have the inside story in case you’re questioned about your favorite romance puppy. Skye is a sweety and so is her little human friend Buddy. Icon, also featured in the story, was a rock star canine student I worked with at (PAALS). He’s a yellow lab in life and in the story. If you love dogs, this is the story for you. I hope it brings a smile to your face.